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Bringing Together World-renowned Thought Leaders In Nanotechnology, Investment and Business


Since the inaugural World Nano Summit in 2015, we have welcomed over 5000 delegates, listened to world-renowned speakers and brought together investors and innovators. We have heard revolutionary insights from a number great minds in the nanotechnology sector and renowned advocates of Science and Business.


Delegates of the inaugural Summit witnessed a number of engaging speakers, including pioneering scientist Dr. Anita Goel, M.D., Ph.D., who talked about her exploits in the  new science that emerges from the holistic integration of physics, biomedicine, and nanotechnology.


Last year, Apple founder, Steve Wozniak, headlined the event, speaking for over an hour to a huge audience. Speakers also included Dr Anita Goel, M.D., Ph.D, and Dr. Su Metcalfe, the founder of a brain-healing nano-therapy company. The event took place in Manchester, UK, with over 5000 delegates, including innovators, investors and business people.


We will be announcing our plans for our next event soon, so stay posted.